12 Days of EMTSness Suspended

We are experiencing some technical difficulties, and have decided to wait until the new year to start this contest.  Remember to add “getting to know the new EMTS web presence” to your New Year’s Resolutions.

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The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy: Implications for HS Library Educators

Update: The recording is now available on the EMTS YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/9eG4-cHcXo8

EMTS is sponsoring another free webinar! Details are as follows.

What: This EMTS webinar features Craig Gibson, Co-chair of ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy Task Force. Join EMTS and one of the creators of the new ACRL Framework to discuss changing information literacy standards in the ACRL and the impact on HS library educators. The webinar is free to anyone, advance registration is required. Current EMTS members can receive 1 CE credit for participating.

(Not a member of EMTS? Sign up! You’ll get a 1 MLA CE and access to one of the hottest sections of MLA. Log into mlanet.org –> click on MyMLANET –> click on My MLA Membership –> click on Join MLA or add sections to my membership. It’s so easy!)

Presenter: Craig Gibson, Co-chair of ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy Task Force. (see bio at the end of this promo piece)

When: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 from 2pm-3pm  CST

Where: Online via Zoom, hosted by A.T. Still Memorial Library (ATSU)

Registration: Registration is free, participants must pre-register by September 22. You will then receive an invitation and link to join the webinar.

Registration Link: https://atsu.zoom.us/webinar/register/5484de652eecc2394ac87b605f06faf5

Moderators: Margaret Hoogland & Molly Knapp

CE Coordinator: Ryan Harris, EMTS CE Coordinator


ACRL Framework for Information Literacy: http://www.ala.org/acrl/standards/ilframework

Townsend, Lori, Korey Brunetti, and Amy R. Hofer. “Threshold Concepts and Information Literacy.” portal: Libraries and the Academy, 11, no. 3 (2011): 853- 69. http://www.press.jhu.edu/journals/portal_libraries_and_the_academy/portal_pre_print/articles/12.4hofer.pdf

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Get Your Instructional Design On!: Links and more

On July 14, 2015, Max Anderson and Amy Blevins (with the fantastic support of Margaret Hoogland) presented a free webinar Get Your Instructional Design On!: Desktop and Mobile Software Tools for Tutorial Creation.

You can watch the recorded video of the presentations here https://youtu.be/ynSXSz9VHO4

If you’re interested, you can also view Amy and Max’s slides at the links listed below.

Amy’s Slides http://www.slideshare.net/blevinsa/tutorial-creation-webinar

Max’s Slides http://www.slideshare.net/maxlibris/mobile-screencasting

Please excuse any technical glitches we may have had during our first Zoom webinar.

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Get Your Instructional Design On!: Desktop and Mobile Software Tools for Tutorial Creation

EMTS will be sponsoring another free webinar with the help of Margaret Hoogland.

Get Your Instructional Design On!: Desktop and Mobile Software Tools for Tutorial Creation
This webinar will focus on the sometimes challenging and potentially fun job of creating tutorials both library and medical education environments. The speakers will discuss some background information on instructional design/learning theory and learning objectives.  Finally, the speakers will discuss different options for tutorial creation software with their personal experiences and preferences.

Presented by:
Amy Blevins, MALS – Clinical Education Librarian, Liaison to the Carver College of Medicine, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of Iowa

Max Anderson, MLIS, MS, Instructional Designer, Undergraduate Medical Education, College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago

Date: July 14, 2015

Time: 11:30-1pm Central Time

Cost: Free, but we can only accept 100 participants.

Register at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vzeKRpT1gsYDcl2xXYU2KdBgDmKiXurCsP5OkQ7dmus/viewform?usp=send_form

This webinar is being offered through Zoom.  Here is some information on the platform.


Entering Zoom

  • After clicking on the provided link, something (app for mobile or tablets) will download and immediately bring you into the session.

  • For those dialing in by phone, no download is necessary.  You will, however, not be able to see the fun slide/presentation features if you choose to do this.


  • As you enter the room, all participants will be muted.  This will help minimize distractions, since Zoom and your headset will pick up any extraneous noises.

  • When you have a question, please type it into the chat box.  To do so, click on the IM looking feature at the bottom of the screen.

Camera/No Camera

  • If you do not want everyone to see you, simply click on the video camera feature in the middle of the screen at the bottom.  This will hide your camera from everyone.

How many other people are viewing this webinar?

  • Great question – thumbnails, located in the upper right hand corner, can show you at minimum the names of everyone in the webinar and may also show a person’s face.

How many people can be in ZOOM at one time?

  • There is a cap of 100 people for this webinar.

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Agenda and Reports for EMTS Business Meeting 2015

Below, you will find the agenda with a list of all of the available reports for our upcoming business meeting. As a reminder, the meeting will take place on May 18 from 4:30-6pm in room 410 at the Hilton Austin. Everyone is welcome, and we’re giving away a couple of solar phone chargers and FitBit Zips. See our previous post for more information.

We will only be bringing a few print copies of the reports since they will be available online.

MLA Educational Media & Technologies Section
2015 Business Meeting
Monday, May 18, 2015; 4:30 PM – 5:55 PM
Room 410, Hilton Austin, Fourth Floor


    1. Welcome- Suzanne Shurtz
    2. Travel Grant Award Winners – Amy Blevins
    3. General section update – Suzanne Shurtz
    4. Old business – Approval of 2014 business meeting minutes http://emts.mlanet.org/business/minutes/minutes_14.pdf
    5. Reports
      1. EMTS MLA Programming Report 2015: Suzanne Shurtz
      2. Section Council report: Sheila Snow-Croft
      3. EMTS Treasurer’s and CE Committee Reports 2015: Amy Blevins
      4. Website report: Brandi Tuttle
      5. EMTS Membership Report 2015: Jeanne Burke
      6. Nominating Committee Report: Sheila Snow-Croft
      7. Continuing Education Report (none) : Ryan Harris
      8. Bylaws Committee Report : Melissa De Santis
      9. Communications update: Amy Blevins
      10. Since last May, there have been 10 blog posts, 56 Facebook posts (by several members in addition to the communications coordinator), and ~33 tweets with the #mlaemts hashtag.  The list serv seems to have been more active as well.
    6. New Business
      1. Website migration
      2. Mission statement
      3. Other new business
    7. EMTS group picture
    8. Raffle (see previous post)
    9. Adjournment

More reports may be added later on.

Respectfully submitted by,

Amy Blevins

EMTS Secretary/Treasurer

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EMTS Treasurer’s and CE Committee Reports 2015

Treasurer’s Report

Current balance in the treasury is $14037.76

MLA 2014 balance was $13716.38

Review upcoming/expected expenditures for the meeting

  • 2 meeting attendance grants  — $500
  • travel support for elected officers- 2 @ $125/pp — $250
  • Programming lead-sponsoring programs & co-sponsoring programs
    • Two speaker stipends at $150/pp –$300
    • Top Tech Trends Internet – $250
    • FitBit Zips and Solar Phone Chargers  – $210.55
    • Others I’m missing?
      • Estimated Total Meeting expenditures 2015 = $1510.55
      • Total Meeting expenditures 2014 = $1620.90

 CE Committee

I have no report, the CE group from MLA has very limited contact with EMTS throughout the year.



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EMTS Membership Report 2015

As of Dec. 31,  2014 EMTS had 194 members.  Renewal numbers for this year so far are at 148 but many don’t renew till after the Annual Meeting.  EMTS participated in the MLA 2014 Poster Session and we will also exhibit a poster at the 2015 Meeting.  We encourage everyone at the meeting to come by during one of the poster sessions and say “hello”.  EMTS contacted MLA about sending an automatic welcome letter out to new Section members.  MLA liked the idea so much that they decided to do a pilot project with some sections.  Unfortunately, the project has been delayed with the changes at MLA Headquarters including the new Executive Director and a reorganization of technological and software resources.  EMTS worked with a group starting a Distance Education SIG to encourage them to join with us since we have many of the same objectives.  We helped them set up a list serve that discusses distance education related issues.  Going forwards EMTS might also look at other SIGs or sections for other support and collaboration activities beyond just annual meeting programming.  Please feel free to send membership ideas and suggestions to Jeanne.  If anyone wants to volunteer to work on membership projects, please contact her as well.

Jeanne wants to encourage all members to check to see that they are registered for the EMTS List serves and blog.  Individuals are not automatically added when they join a section.  It only takes a few minutes and the messages are not overly burdensome.  Go the EMTS pages on the MLA website to sign-up!

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanne M. Burke

EMTS Membership Chair

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EMTS MLA 2015 Programming Report

MLA 2015 programs sponsored by or co-sponsored by EMTS:

1.      “Shaken, Not Stirred: Recipes for Supporting Blended Learning”

    1. Sponsor: EMTS ; Co-sponsors: PDI Section, TSC SIG, and LIC SIG
    2. EMTS organized a panel on blending learning to follow up on the flipped learning program held 2014
    3. Panel includes four invited speakers:
  • two librarians: Anne Linton (Problem-Based Learning instructional experience)  and Lynn Kysh (Flipped-Learning instructional experience)
  •  two non-librarians: Dr. Rebecca Fountain (nursing faculty member with experience in Flipped-Learning instruction) and Dr. Min Liu (faculty member specializing in Problem-Based learning and educational technologies)

2.       “Top Tech Trends”

    1. Sponsored: Medical Informatics Section; Co-sponsored: EMTS
    2. 8th year of program
    3. Top Tech Trends Crew:
  • Moderator: Michelle Kraft
  • Google Jockey: Amy Blevins
  • Twitter Jockey: Emily Hurst
  • Twitter Jockey: Tony Nguyen
  1. Topics/ Invited speakers:
  • The Quantified Self: Jon Goodell
  • The Internet of Things: Kimberly Barker
  • Zombie Emergency! A Tool for Gamification & Promotion: Jason Bengtson,
  • What Will These Technologies Look Like 20 Years from Now?: Eric Schnell
  • Apple Watch/Wearable Technology: Dale Prince

3.      “Libraries, Adult Learners, and SOTL—Oh My!”

    1. Sponsored: Public Services Section; Cosponsored: EMTS and LIC SIG
    2. Contributed papers related to include teaching adult learners, scholarship of teaching and learning, and instructional design
    3. Topics/Speakers:
  • Modernization through Modules: Rebecca Brown, Sharon Dennis, Jessi Van Der Volgen
  • Don’t Evaluate Like It’s 1999: Developing and Using a New Instructional Assessment: Lynn Kysh, Jin Wu, Amy J. Chatfield
  • Scaling the Boundaries of Instructional Design: Forging Partnerships to Link Librarians with an Institutional Mission: Xan Goodman
  • Health Sciences Librarians’ Experience with Instructional Design: Laurie Davison, Michele Malloy
  • Collaborating to Study Medical Students’ Self-Directed Learning Strategies: Jennifer A. Lyon, Casey White, Erik W. Black, Joseph Fantone III, Lou Ann Cooper, Mary E. Edwards

4.      “Luche Libre Distance Education”

    1. Sponsored: Medical Library Education Section; Cosponsored: EMTS, PH/HA Section, PSS Section, LIC SIG, OL SIG
    2. Contributed papers related to distance education
    3. Topics/Speakers:
  • Getting MOOC’ed: Taking Online Training from Many to Massive: Emily J. Hurst
  • New Collaborations: Using a Student Writing Retreat to Embed Library Instruction in a Nursing Program: Rachel C. Lerner
  • Scaffolding Student Research: Collaborating with Public Health Faculty on Embedded Instruction: John Pell
  • Opening Knowledge: Designing and Teaching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for the World and Library Science Classroom: Kevin Stranack, Lauren Maggio
  • Assessing Librarian Learning Needs Over Time: Kay E. Deeney

5.      “Education Without Limits”

    1. Sponsored: Public Health/Health Administration Section; Cosponsored: EMTS
    2. Contributed papers related to educational collaborations and initiatives
    3. Topics/Speakers:
  • Good Information for Good Health: A Collaboration to Educate Unaffiliated Community Health Care Practitioners about Patient Information Resources through Online Continuing Education: Gale G. Hannigan, Eliot Knight, William F. Rayburn, Patricia V. Bradley
  • Beyond the Basics: Pushing the Limits of Data Management Instruction: Lisa M. Federer
  • Data Management Reciprocity: Librarians and Researches Teaching Each Other: Carrie L. Iwema, Andrea M. Ketchum, Melissa A. Ratajeski
  • Using Learning Styles to Educate Health Care Providers about New Treatment Strategies for Breast Cancer: Shelia Kusnoor, Patricia Lee, Ingrid Anderson, Christine Micheel, Mia A. Levy, Katy Justiss
  • How to Win Partners and Influence Students: Collaborating to Teach New Literacies Online: Joelle Pitts, Sara Kearns, Heather Collins

Submitted by Suzanne Shurtz, EMTS Section Programming Chair

May 8, 2015

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EMTS MLA Business Meeting

Are you getting excited about MLA in Austin? I know I am.

Don’t forget to add the EMTS Business Meeting to your calendars. Everyone is welcome, and we’re giving away a couple of solar phone chargers and FitBit Zips.

The meeting will take place on May 18 from 4:30-6pm in room 410 at the Hilton Austin.  You must be an EMTS member to participate in the raffle, but you don’t have to be a member to join in the fun.

This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow EMTS members and to let the executive board know what you want our section to focus on in the coming year.

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New Distance Education/Support List Serv

Greetings, All!
Thanks to a wonderful EMTS Board and assistance from Amy Blevins, anyone interested in Distance Education, Distance Support, etc, can join a new EMTS listserv!  This listserv is not limited to only MLA members.  Below my signature are some general etiquette rules to follow and information about joining the listserv is available at the very bottom.  Yes – you do need to signup separately for it and, if you choose to join, please read to the end!
Hope to see you contributing on the new listserv soon, :)
Margaret Hoogland
Distance Support Librarian, ETDC Missouri Contact
A.T. Still Memorial Library
W. Jefferson Street
Kirksville, Missouri  63501

Phone: (660) 626-2340 or 1 (866) 626-2878 ext 2340
Email: mh
oogland@atsu.edu or cyberlibrarian@atsu.edu
Twitter Account: @cyberlibatsu
1) Be professional  - I do not anticipate this being an issue for this group, but keeping this in mind is always good.
2) Be courteous - What makes a group unique is that we each bring different perspectives, ideas, and experiences.  If you have follow-up questions or concerns, and the chatter is slowing, consider emailing the person directly or setting up a phone call/video conference to get your questions answered.
3) Participate - Groups need you to participate, even if it is only once in a blue moon, to survive.  So – please participate and get involved.  Please be sure to indicate your message topic or content in the subject line!
4) Spread the Word If you know of someone, who might be interested in this group, please spread the word about it.  Likewise, if you feel the group is no longer suiting your need, do not feel obligated to stick with it.
5) Webinars –  Share your webinar ideas and needs with the moderator (Margaret - mahoogla@gmail.com) & let us know if you’d like to help!
6) Discussion Topics – have a question, comment, link or research article on distance ed? Please contribute! We’re here to strengthen and support librarians involved in distance education.
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